The IT Audit Team

The IT audit team examines and evaluates an organization's information technology infrastructure, systems, IT processes and technology depended business operations to provide assurance on the adequacy of controls that we guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization's information assets. Information technology audits are performed to determine whether IT controls protect organization’s assets from risk of confidentiality, ensure data integrity and alignment with the overall business goals of the organization. IT auditors examine not only physical and environmental security controls, but also business operations and financial controls that are enabled by information technology systems.

Given that the operations of companies and businesses in the 21st century are increasingly computerized and dependent on technology, IT audits are performed to ensure information technology-related controls and processes are working as expected. The primary objectives of an IT audit team among others are:

  • Evaluate the system and process controls in place that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company’s information assets and data.
  • Ascertain the risks inherent in a company's information assets and operational processes, and identify methods to mitigate or minimize those risks.
  • Ensure that information management processes conform to relevant IT-related laws, regulations, standards and internal policies.
  • Confirm necessary governance over information systems, Information technology infrastructure and personnel of a company.
  • Ensure that IT systems and services will continue to be available and accessible to the business in the event of disruption or emergency.

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