Risk Assessment Report/Template of IBM-AIX Operating System for Highend Enterprise Applications (e.g. Core Banking & Enterprise Resource Planning Applications) - $20.00

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IBM-AIX (UNIX) operating system infrastructure are deployed by most large corporations that perform high-end processing such as financial institutions (banks, insurance, investment coys), telecommunication firms, social media outfits, etc. Despite the gains of the UNIX operating system environment (IBM-AIX or Sun Solaris infrastructural) in terms of high capacity management/utilization, there are risk/vulnerabilities inherent in the infrastructure, which if not identified and their impact adequately assessed could lead to unauthorized activities or compromise of the entire system. As such, identifying vulnerabilities/risk inherent in the operating system infrastructure mostly used for core banking applications and enterprise resource planning application, their implication/impact to the business as well as the recommended countermeasure or risk treatment plan that will mitigate or eliminate the risk is what this risk assessment template is meant to achieve. This template can easily be integrated with popular audit management software such as teammatessolutions or MKinsight as we will provide you with the template in excel for easy integration in the required format. Find below a sample page of the corporate network risk assessment report template. To gain full access to the template document, you can subscribe to our membership plan or purchase the template by click the Buy Now button below.


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