Information technology and cyber security is one of the fastest-growing fields on the planet - Top IT jobs of the future: Skills You Need To Learn Today to Get Ahead

  • Information technology and cyber security jobs are projected to be among the fastest growing through out the century.
  • According to research by Burning Glass Technologies on Cyber Security jobs in 2015, postings for cyber security openings grew three times as fast as openings for IT jobs overall mostly in industries managing consumer data such as Finance (+137%), Health Care (+121%), and Retail Trade (+89%).
  • Many of the cyber security and information assurance roles have high personnel shortages while openings are hard to fill, the report said.

  • In Demand IT Jobs of the 21 Century

    Folks, have you really thought of what could become of your current job or career/profession in 10 to 20 years from now? Have you given a thought to how relevant or otherwise your current skill set and job/career would be in the the job market in the foreseeable future given the disruptive tendencies of information technology and automation in the work places of today and the future? Being aware of the fact that we are in the information age and computing capabilities have gone to another level, human skills and capabilities are being replaced by technology and automation in all industries (production and services). The question is, with your current skill set and expertise, are you likely gonna be a victim of automation, artificial intelligence and cybernetics? Are you currently in profession(s) or career(s) that are likely/easily going to be replaced by automation and technology?

    With no disrespect to any profession, there are human skills and capabilities that are already being replace by automation and technological advancement. The application software industry for example is threatening professions such as accounting, banking & finance, marketing, architecture, civil engineering to mention but a few with some exceptions anyway. Automation is sweeping through the service industry with new innovative products and service channels setting the agenda while the internet and social media have not helped matters.

    Consequent to the above, it is obvious that our livelihood will at some point be threatened if not already being threatened as a result of these sweeping changes and technological advancement, hence the need for us to carefully begin to evaluate ourselves with a view to ensuring that we have the right skills and capabilities to fit into jobs of the future. Truly, there are jobs of the future and they are technology inherent and will be available only to those who have smartly and strategically aligned and realigned themselves to acquire new skills that employers of the future will be demanding. Obviously, jobs of the future will be technology inclined hence, it is imperative for younger and middle age people of today across all works of life to begin to acquire new skills that will give them the relevance they desire in the future. When I say "the future", I am talking about 10 to 20 years from now and as a matter of fact, the future is already here. The wind of change is sweeping across already. Service industries such as banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, oils and gas companies, manufacturing and allied companies among others are retrenching/reducing/optimizing their workforce to fit into the automation/technology age, thereby resulting in the displacement of humans and introduction of more efficient and cost effective ways of doing more with less (i.e. automation).

    IT jobs/careers/professions/expertise is the future folks, take it or leave it. Some traditional jobs/expertise of today will still be relevant no doubt, but not with scale (i.e. they won't employ as much as they should). The numbers will be with IT as it will employ more and reward the most. However, information security, cyber security and information assurance, which is still largely untapped have the greatest potentials for career aspirants. This is stemming from the fact that virtually every individual, businesses (small, medium, large), corporations, government, private sector and international organizations generate mission critical data that is processed, stored and transmitted within a private or public network (i.e. internet) for them to remain a growing concerns. Given the threats posed to these data, which requires significant level of protection, those in the field of cyber security, information security and information assurance will remain the most relevant and rewarded of all. Therefore, I present below jobs/careers that are already in high demand and will continue to be in the future. I suggest that you draw up strategies to begin to align and transition for those that are willing and able to do so. This is without prejudice to whatever it is you are doing at the moment. Begin to see how you can empower yourself to become tech savvy at least and broaden your skills in preparation for the change.

    Below are Information Technology, Cyber Security and Information Assurance Jobs You Need to Pay Attention To Going Forward

    A Cyber Security Analyst helps to safeguard an organization's information technology infrastructures by employing set of strategies, methodologies, technologies and processes...Learn More
    Configuration Manager is a stakeholder in the IT service and infrastructure management process of an organization and is responsible for defining and operating the configuration..Learn More
    An Information Security Analyst is responsible for protecting an organization's information assets in whatever shape, form or medium it is handled by employing set of strategies...Learn More
    As a third/last line of defense role within the risk function of an organization, an Information System Auditor (also known as IS/IT Auditor) being part of the internal audit.....Learn More
    An IT Business Relationship Manager (IT BRM) is a liaison officer for the IT department and interfaces with other departments in an organization. In other words, departments that provides..Learn More
    IT Change Manager coordinates all change activities/initiatives within an organization's information systems and IT infrastructures. He/she is responsible for the overall qualityLearn More
    Information Technology (IT) Risk Analyst is a risk assurance function and is primarily responsible for risk identification, assessment, mitigation and continuous improvement....Learn More
    Enterprise Security Architect's job description is similar to those of Security Engineer. A Security Architect designs, builds and oversees the implementation of security controls in an...Learn More
    A Security Engineer is a specialist who build and maintain systems that are robust enough to withstand malicious attacks and service denials. He/she basically ensure that security...Learn More
    A Security Governance Officer is responsible for the implementation of executive management and Board of Director's information security.Learn More
    The security information and event analyst (SIEM) analyst is responsible for the collection, analysis and validation of all Security information and event management (SIEM) activitiesLearn More
    The primary responsibility of a security operations center (SOC) analyst is to ensure that the organization’s information assets are protected from compromise arising from unauthorizedLearn More
    Just like IT Risk analyst, IT control analyst is responsible for identifying weaknesses within an organization's information systems, processes and infrastructures and ensure the....Learn More
    Threat intelligence analyst also known as “cyber intelligence analyst,” is an information security professional who defend his/her organization from activities of cyber criminals such as hackersLearn More
    The Chief Information Security Officer is an executive management position within an organization responsible and accountable to stakeholders for information security across..Learn More
    A Forensic Expert/Analyst is responsible for investigating breaches or security incidents within an organization by determining their sources through credible evidence collection...Learn More

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