IT Project Management Quality Assurance Review

Given the need to ensure that controls are embedded in the business processes and applications during the system design and analysis stage of every IT project to avoid retrofitting those controls after go-live of the projects, which has proven to be expensive, our IT Assurance Experts are on hand to ensure that our clients' IT Projects deliver the expected value and returns on investment (ROI). Our IT Project Management team working with our clients have demonstrated high level of competence in the management of medium and large scale IT project, ensuring that projects are delivered within specific timelines and that necessary controls (system, process and physical) are embedded and considered during the requirement definition, design and analysis stages of every project to avoid failures.

Our team adopts standard systems analysis and design methodology is IT project management design and implementations. With increasing demands from clients' management on our audit team, the question is raised of how the Auditor's role can be redefined, as it shifts from the more traditional assurance role to being involved as a proactive partner in projects, without losing its independence. Potentially the advisory and participative roles might conflict with the traditional assurance role of the Auditor. However, if for this reason the Auditor's role is restricted to the compliance/assurance aspect only, the added value of the Auditor may be substantially reduced. As such, it value added to get our IT Assurance team be part of your projects to make implementation hitch free and ensure project success.

Our quality assurance reviews cover all aspects of IT projects and systems implementations, which are not limited to software development or acquisition projects, business process re-engineering and automation, change management, business services implementation, etc. For emphasis, IT project management derivables from or relating to our IT Audit Services are in scope of our quality assurance service reviews. Remember, we will save you cost, deliver your project within budget while ensuring quality, value delivery and good returns on investment (ROI).

So you can Contact US if you need additional information or would like us to manage your IT projects end-to-end as well as carry out quality assurance reviews. Our team of Experts are on hand to answer all your questions.