EBooks on IT Infrastructure Audit, IT Risk/Vulnerability Management, PCIDSS Compliance and Cyber Security By Nwabueze Ohia

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Are you seeking the right foundation, intermediate or expert skills in Information systems and IT infrastructure audit, IT infrastructure vulnerabilities and risk management, payment card industry data security standard (PCIDSS) compliance, information/cyber security threats management and Mitigation, you can download and read the following eBooks written by subject matter expert and best seller author Nwabueze Ohia to acquire hands-on skills that will help you as an information/IT assurance and cyber security professional. The books are structured in a manner that will aid the reader to understand the principles (fundamentals) and leading practices in the fields as well as provide practical/hands-on perspective to the reader. The eBooks are guidebooks or "do-it-yourself" manuals for information/IT assurance and cyber security professionals and can be used by beginners, intermediates and experts for field and academic work. The eBooks are available in PDF format and a link will be provided to you to download the eBook(s) of your choice after completing the checkout process for just a token fee. However, if you want the book(s) in other reading formats such as .ePub, or .kobi, please Contact US and we will email you a copy of the book(s) in the format of your choice on request.

Titles By Nwabueze Ohia

Auditing Your Information Systems and IT infrastructure: Practical Audit Programs/Checklists for Internal AuditorsDownload
IT Infrastructure Risk & Vulnerability Library: A Consolidated Register of Operational & Technology Infrastructure Vulnerabilities for IT Assurance ProfessionalsDownload
Auditing Your Payment Cards Processes, Systems and Applications: A Step By Step PCIDSS Compliance Audit Program For Brands, Issuers, Acquirers, ProcessorsDownload
Auditing Your Windows Infrastructure, Intranet And Internet Security: A Practical Audit Program for Assurance ProfessionalsDownlaod

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