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Information and cyber security jobs are the new darling of the job market. Senior high school/college students, university undergraduates/graduates and even the employed doing unrelated jobs are all gunning for information assurance and cyber security jobs because of their high employer demand, fabulous remuneration/salaries, great promotion and speedy career growth prospects. Virtually every company and recruiters/hiring managers have openings in information assurance and cyber security hoping to be filled. The sorry situation is that demand for information assurance and cyber security jobs far outweighs supply and the gap is causing unease in the global job market, which is not receiving as much qualified personnel that it needs to fill vacant/vital positions. According to research by Burning Glass Technologies on Cyber Security jobs in 2015, postings for cyber security openings grew three times as fast as openings for IT jobs overall mostly in industries managing consumer data such as Finance (+137%), Health Care (+121%), and Retail Trade (+89%).

The question is why is the industry (e.g. educational institutions, professional bodies and job market) not turning out enough cyber security professionals as needed to fulfill growing demands for qualified personnel as well as deal with backlogs in the job market? The answer lays in lack of awareness of cyber security jobs, lack of the right skills, unqualified personnel, lack of new entrants in the field, slow transitioning of professionals/personnel from other fields to cyber security and information assurance practice, among others. This makes it imperative for strong advocacy and awareness for cyber security and information assurance roles/jobs with a view to encouraging young college/university graduates and other professionals to consider pursuing career in cyber security. Thus, this post enumerated the various cyber security and information assurance jobs that are in high demand while also providing insight into requirements, skills/experience, career path and professional certification required to be endorsed or hired.

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An Information Security Analyst is responsible for protecting an organization's information assets in whatever shape, form or medium it is handled by employing set of strategies...Learn More
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IT Change Manager coordinates all change activities/initiatives within an organization's information systems and IT infrastructures. He/she is responsible for the overall qualityLearn More
Information Technology (IT) Risk Analyst is a risk assurance function and is primarily responsible for risk identification, assessment, mitigation and continuous improvement....Learn More
Enterprise Security Architect's job description is similar to those of Security Engineer. A Security Architect designs, builds and oversees the implementation of security controls in an...Learn More
A Security Engineer is a specialist who build and maintain systems that are robust enough to withstand malicious attacks and service denials. He/she basically ensure that security...Learn More
A Security Governance Officer is responsible for the implementation of executive management and Board of Director's information security.Learn More
The security information and event analyst (SIEM) analyst is responsible for the collection, analysis and validation of all Security information and event management (SIEM) activitiesLearn More
The primary responsibility of a security operations center (SOC) analyst is to ensure that the organization’s information assets are protected from compromise arising from unauthorizedLearn More
Just like IT Risk analyst, IT control analyst is responsible for identifying weaknesses within an organization's information systems, processes and infrastructures and ensure the....Learn More
Threat intelligence analyst also known as “cyber intelligence analyst,” is an information security professional who defend his/her organization from activities of cyber criminals such as hackersLearn More
The Chief Information Security Officer is an executive management position within an organization responsible and accountable to stakeholders for information security across..Learn More
A Forensic Expert/Analyst is responsible for investigating breaches or security incidents within an organization by determining their sources through credible evidence collection...Learn More

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