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UNIX operating system infrastructure are high processing, multiuser and multitasking computer systems that are developed for servers, desktops, laptops and mobile. They are widely deployed by most large corporations that perform high-end processing and multitasking operations such as financial institutions (banks, insurance, investment companies), telecommunication firms, social media network, etc. Unix operating systems are popular with mainframe computers and server-based systems with high processing capacity and speed requirements.

UNIX operating system are of different flares as pioneered by computing firms such as IBM, which has AIX UNIX flare, Oracle with Oracle UNIX flare (previously SUN Solaris), HP with HP UX flare of UNIX though they run basically on same principle with slight variations. UNIX systems are said to be more secured than other operating systems in the market due to its command line interface although there are GUI versions of the operating system. This claim can be argued in various quarters as being more of a myth than reality, bringing to the fore the saying that a system is as strong as its weakest link.

Despite the advantage of UNIX operating system environment as a high capacity processing and multitasking system, there exist some risks/vulnerabilities that are inherent in the infrastructure, which if not identified and adequately remediated could cause significant damage to organizations that deploy such system. This is coupled with the threat of abuse or misuse of the system by operators and users. The risk associated with UNIX operating system infrastructure (be it AIX, Oracle UNIX or HP UX) would vary with organizations and largely depends on how the infrastructures were deployed. As such, it is important that personnel with security oversight responsibilities on the Unix infrastructure put in context organization’s uniqueness in terms of its information security policies, procedures, security baselines, regulatory and legal requirements while conducting their security assessment or reviews to know how best to protect them.

This book is therefore a documentation of risks and vulnerabilities associated with UNIX operating system infrastructure (IBM AIX, Oracle UNIX, HP UX), threats and threat agents that could exploit those weaknesses, their impact on the organization and actions required to mitigate the risks. It serves as a risk assessment checklist/guide for risk assurance practitioners (IT Risk Manager, Cyber/Information Security Analysts, Information Systems Auditors and Systems Control Analysts) and enable them understand as well as identify some of the risks inherent in the UNIX infrastructure, implications/impact of such risks/vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate them. The book is a risk assessment checklist/program guide for risk assurance practitioners and provides unique/rich database of vulnerabilities/risk, control lapses, process failures and substandard practices associated with UNIX operation system infrastructure. This risk assessment checklist can easily be integrated with popular audit management software such as teammatessolutions or MKinsight.

Intended for organizations desirous of building a risk management program around their UNIX operating system infrastructure (IBM AIX, Oracle UNIX, HP UX) from the ground up or strengthen an existing one. Below are sample pages of the UNIX operating system infrastructure risk assessment checklist/program. For full access to the document, you can subscribe to our membership plan for full access to all risk assessment checklists available on our site (this inclusive) or purchase only this book by clicking the Buy Now button below.


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