Information Systems Assurance and IT Infrastructure Audit Programs/Checklists

Are you an Information Systems Auditor, IT Risk, Information Security or Information Systems Control Expert? Does your job require you to continually provide reasonable assurance to your company's management on the effectiveness and adequacy of systems, process, physical and environment controls? Then look no further, we are here to help you improve your skills and broaden your scope. We are providing IT audit/assurance practitioners and related professionals with IT audit programs, IT audit checklists and IT audit best practice guide that will help them perform effectively in their duties. We understand the challenges being faced by IT audit and assurance practitioners and this is why we have come up with this materials to help them and make them more effective and pragmatic in their assurance functions. All you need do is subscribe to our membership package, which gives you access to download our IT audit programs/checklist and other available materials. The instructions in the IT audit programs/checklists should be applied with caution and the peculiarity of the users' operating environment (in terms of applicable organization policies, procedures, industry regulations and laws) should be put into consideration. The audit programs/checklists only provide general guidance and information on the most widely used technologies and enterprise systems as well as vulnerabilities/risks associated with the systems and IT infrastructure highlighted below

Make that bold step today by subscribing to our membership package and be in control and on top of those control issues. The IT audit programs, IT audit checklists and IT audit best practice guides will improve you skills and make you may pragmatic in your risk-based audit/assurance reviews. Just rely on us to guide and provide you with the test procedures that will help you perform. The audit programs/checklists can easily be integrated into the templates of popular audit management software such as Teammates, Pentana Audit (previously MKInsight), Auto Audit (Refinitiv), RSA Archer as we will be ready to provide you with the templates in excel for easy integration/upload into your preferred audit solution. We have three difference categories of membership as highlighted below. Click on any membership package of your choice below, which takes you to a PayPal page to complete your payment. On completing the payment, you will be advised with a link to register as a member. Once registration has been completed, you will be able to login to access the content based on your subscription package.

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Note: All categories of membership gives you access to our finest IT audit programs, IT audit checklists and IT audit best practice for immediate download. However, Silver membership give you 3-months access to limited audit programs without any additional offers, Gold membership give you access to all the available IT audit programs in addition to few of our top risk assessment checklists/programs while Platinum/VIP members have access to all available IT audit programs/checklists as listed here and risk assessment templates/checklists. Thus, you have unlimited access to all content available on our website (including risk assessment checklists and research papers when available) at no additional cost if you purchase platinum subscription. By purchasing any of our paid services (member-only subscription based access, single document purchase or reseller license purchase) or accessing any other materials/documents freely available on this website, you commit that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy and expressly agree to the provisions of the terms & conditions and privacy policy stated therein.

Below are the available audit programs and checklists.

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