Audit Command Language (ACL) Training

Using Audit Command Language (ACL) software to carry out database reviews, data integrity checks, data mining, revenue assurance to recover revenue leakages (e.g. cut on turnover, Interest income, commissions, VAT, etc), tax verification, Inventory review and online continuous transaction monitoring.

Basic and Intermediary Course

Income leakage from financial transactions can result from either deliberate attempt by users to avoid collecting charges on some transactions or from genuine error/knowledge gap. Also, it can occur as a result of defects in the core banking or enterprise resource planning applicatison usually when revenue parameters are wrongly set or when the system malfunctions resulting into COT, interest fees and commissions not being charged on some accounts as at when due. These omissions might not be noticed immediately and can go on undetected.

Many banks, financial institutions and retail companies are losing millions of dollars annually as a result of these irregularities. Government agencies who are saddled with the responsibility to collect taxes as fall short due to lack of automated means of verifying tax records. We shall be exposing participants to all the Basic and Intermediate features of ACL, which include:

1. Introduction to CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Tools)

2. ACL Fundamentals

    a. Understanding Projects in ACL

    b. Input file definitions

3. Understanding data Analysis.

4. Advanced ACL Scripting.

5. Manipulating Data in ACL and how to use ACL to:

    a. Detect errors hidden in the system.

    b. Discover concealed fraud.

    c. Carry out Income Assurance by using it to periodically re-compute charges like COT, Interest income, commissions and other areas of Income leakage in your operations.

    d. Using ACL to carry out Monthly Payroll verification review to ensure Payroll integrity

    e. Continuous Online System and transactions monitoring in your Application.

6. Mining Data with ACL.

7. Data analysis and integrity testing.