Audit Command Language (ACL 101) for Beginners - Principles & Concepts of ACL Analytics Training Course

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate level ACL users. It introduces you to the ACL user graphical interface with a view to have an appreciation of the software and all the functionalities that came inbuilt. It will give you the background to understand and use ACL in an interactive, hands-on learning environment. Participants will have the opportunity to learn vital data analysis concepts and principles that form the basics of working with ACL software. Examples used in class will illustrate how the software can aid in the execution of your assurance reviews as a vital tool for performing test on business data and other data analytics efforts that add value to your audits.

At the end of this training course, you will be able to:

1. Introduction to CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Tools)

2. ACL Fundamentals

3. Understand the fundamentals of data analytics concepts, appreciate ACL software user graphical interface (GUI), ACL inbuilt features & functionalities and data analysis cycles.

4. Understand the stages or steps involved in data access.

5. Import various source data type.

6. Export data to other data types.

7. Create tables to access data (includes: flat files, report files, Excel, XML, ODBC, and dBASE data).

8. Display and filter data.

9. Data integrity verification (confirming control totals, testing for reliability, completeness, uniqueness and relationships, create expressions, compare data from different files/systems, profile data, and produce data reports for output).

10. Carry out Income Assurance by using it to periodically re-compute charges like COT, Interest income, commissions and other areas of Income leakage in your operations.

11. Identify missing items, errors, duplicates and gaps

12. Reorder and combine tables.

13. Employ ACL to add value to audits using simple use cases.

14. Visualizing with the Analytics15 Analysis Application.

Course Duration = 3 Days

Course Fee per participant = USD 1,500

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