Information Security Management Audit/Assurance Training

The audit/assurance program is a tool and template to be used as a road map for the completion of a specific assurance process. Oxley Technologies Inc has commissioned audit/assurance programs to be developed for use by IT audit and assurance professionals with the requisite knowledge of the subject matter under review.


The information security management audit/assurance review will:

    • Provide management with an assessment of the effectiveness of the information security management function.

    • Evaluate the scope of the information security management organization and determine whether essential security functions are being addressed effectively.

    • Compliance with ISO 270001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirement.

It is not designed to replace or focus on audits that provide assurance of specific configurations or operational processes.


The review will focus on:

    • Information Security Management—Processes associated with governance, policy, monitoring, incident management and management of the information security function.

    • Information Security Operations Management—Processes associated with the implementation of security configurations.

    • Information Security Technology Management—Processes associated with the selection and maintenance of security technologies.

To ensure a comprehensive audit of information security management, it is recommended that the following audit/assurance reviews be performed prior to the execution of the information security management review and that appropriate reliance be placed on these assessments:

    • Identity management.

    • Security incident management.

    • Network perimeter security.

    • Systems development.

    • Project management.

    • IT risk management.

    • Data management.

    • Vulnerability management.

IT audit and assurance professionals are expected to customize skills learnt during the training as well as the training materials to the environment in which they are performing an assurance process. This training materials is to be used as a review tool and starting point. It may be modified by the IT audit and assurance professional; it is not intended to be a checklist or questionnaire. It is assumed that the IT audit and assurance professional holds the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation, or has the necessary subject matter expertise required to conduct the work and is supervised by a professional with the CISA designation and/or necessary subject matter expertise to adequately review the work performed.