UNIX Audit and Security Training

The above captioned training by Oxley Technologies Inc is targeted for participants who want to build capacity for its Information System Audit and Control functions.

The main objective of this course is to give IS Auditors, IT Controls and IT risk professionals a general overview of UNIX and LINUX operating systems, its security and control issues and how to perform the audit of UNIX operating system to provide reasonable assurance to their organizatons' management on the effectiveness and efficiency of controls required to guarantee adequate protection of the organizations' information assets running on UNIX operating systems. UNIX operating system include IBM AIX and SUN Solaris flares while LINUX is not limited to Red-hat and Ubuntu.

The training will enhance the skills of participating IS Auditors, IS Control and IT Security implementers to enable them achieve the following among others:

    •Generate comprehensive audit program and checklist for Unix/Linux Operating System to be used for audit of their organization's UNIX (Solaris and AIX) server infrastructure on which Applications and Databases are installed.
    •Discover how to control UNIX and LINUX high risk areas.
    •Understand how best the security configurations of UNIX and LINUX Operating System should be setup.
    •Understanding logical access control and authentication in UNIX/LINUX platform.

In view of the above, the training programmes will no doubt add value and enhance participants' capacity for effective review of UNIX/LINUX operating system.