Global IT Audit/Assurance Service Provider

Oxley Technologies Inc is a leading Information Technology (IT) Audit/Assurance and Advisory service provider in Nigeria with a global outlook. We have built strong presence and reputation in Nigeria and across West Africa sub-region with a team of highly experience professionals who are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality service delivery to clients. Through strong business collaboration with reputable organizations, we have built strong partnership founded on mutual trust and benefit in Nigeria and within West Africa, South Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. We make a difference by helping our people, our clients and our wider communities achieve their potentials by making sure that we meet and surpass their expectations always as a minimum service requirement.

Our clients need integrated, cross-border service and the same high quality wherever they do business around the world. Our people want to build careers in an organization that’s global in its outlook and inclusive in its approach. Each business unit’s leadership team works directly with their area and leaders to ensure flawless execution. This structure is streamlined – it allows us to make decisions quickly, and ensures that we execute our strategy and provide high-quality service wherever in the world our clients do business.

Global integration means we can respond faster than our competitors. We can access the right people and assemble broader, more experienced teams, wherever the client is based, to deliver seamless service worldwide. We can consistently negotiate everywhere, execute everywhere and mobilize resources everywhere.

Diversity, inclusiveness and our people culture

Our people and clients tell us that our diverse workforce and culture brings out the right results in our people and our business. As the most globally integrated organization in our field, we seek to develop a global mindset in all of our people.

We have seen that a work culture committed to diversity and inclusiveness drives our ability to think globally. Our leader are accountable for building that culture – for setting goals, developing actions and monitoring results, and engaging clients and thought leaders.

Our Vision

To be the undisputed leading and dominant informaton technology services and IT assurance organizaton in Nigeria and across West African with the ability to compete in the global market.

Our Mission

To build superior value for our customers and stakeholders by making information technology assurance services easily accessible to all and sundry.

Our Objective

To work closely with our clients in protecting their information assets through effective audit and assurance programs that will ensure security of their operating environment, which will transcend to more value creation and profitability for their business as well as ensuring that they comply with relevant global standards and best practices in information security and governance.

Our Ethics

Oxley Technologies Inc has put in place a procedure for reporting conduct that may be unethical, illegal, in violation of professional standards, or otherwise inconsistent with the our code of conduct.

Before contacting Oxley Technologies Inc, we encourage you to consider whether or not you can directly raise your concern with someone at Oxley Technologies Inc.

If you do not feel comfortable doing so, or do not know whom to contact, you can make a report to Oxley Technologies Inc on this website or alternatively by contacting us here

Your web-based report will be routed to our ethics committee who are saddled with the responsibility to review and investigate such claims and proffer necessary recommendations to our management team for decision making.